PYP exhibition in 6th EPO (International Baccalaureate)

This year for the first time we held the IB Primary School Programme (PYP) exhibition. The PYP exhibition is a team-based research project that gives the sixth grade students who complete the PYP stage the opportunity to apply and synthesise the knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding they have acquired throughout the programme. These students started […]

School Entrepreneurship Fair and Drawing ED

This intense month began with our School Entrepreneurship Fair. All the Primary 5th groups have shown the educational community the product of a whole year’s work. We have all been amazed by the creativity and entrepreneurial vision that these children have: they have looked for efficient solutions to real problems and above all they have […]

Spelling Bee 2022

Spelling is important for many reasons. Among others, communication skills, reading and spelling skills are closely related and help develop overall literacy.  At Internacional Aravaca School, yearly we celebrate our Spelling Bee in Primary. As children are required to spell words while on stage, that practice helps them to develop their self confidence and communication […]

CAMBRIDGE EXAMS – PET & FCE for schools exams

Last Saturday, May 21st and Tuesday, May 27th our 1º and 3ºESO students sat for the corresponding Cambridge exams: 1ºESO sat for Preparatory for schools (B1), while 3ºESO students sat for First for Schools (B2). They have all been thoroughly preparing for the aforementioned for the whole school year, and finally the big day arrived. […]

Our 6th year Primary pupils excel in public speaking competition

Once again this year we have held our Public Speaking Competition. Our 6th of Primary pupils prepared themselves during two units of enquiry, during Social Studies, Language and English, for their public speaking competition. During Social Studies and Language, they were working on writing and poetry in order to be able to write their own […]

Olympics with Colegio Nervión!

ur 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students have shared with Nervión School a morning of competitions, where they participated in endurance and speed races, games like dodge ball, and sports such as field hockey and soccer. The students gave us a lesson that sport, once again, is a great transmitter of essential values, demonstrating effort, […]

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