Baccalaureate (16-18 years)

This is the Baccalaureate stage, a crucial stage in a student’s academic life, where they finish their compulsory education and begin their pre-university studies, oriented towards their professional future.

Our educational programme for this stage is called Everest, a project where we prepare students for the final stretch towards a higher university education. We accompany and advise them individually in making decisions for their university future. The aim is to complete all the skills they have acquired throughout their school life. We train them in maturity, individual responsibility and self-improvement, so that they are able to cope fluently in working life.

We are proud of the challenges achieved by all the students who have passed through our school, who continue to write to us from their university careers, transmitting their affection. It is at such moments that a teacher feels proud, if we have left a mark on a pupil and supported their future, then all the effort has been worthwhile.

Under the Spanish educational system, LOMLOE, we work with International methodology (IB-PEP).

The IB Diploma Programme, for 16-19 year olds, is a rigorous and balanced educational programme with final examinations that is an excellent preparation for university and adult life. It is designed to address the intellectual, social, emotional and physical dimensions of students’ well-being. The programme is recognised and respected by prestigious universities around the world.

Prepares students to participate effectively in an ever-changing world A future-ready programme that develops students’ enquiry mindset, fosters a desire to learn, and prepares them to excel in their career paths and lead meaningful lives.

Develop their skills in an international context and gain access to top national and international universities.


  • Good attitude to study and teamwork.
  • Maturity test: linguistic competence

Personal interview

  • Letter of commitment

The curriculum:

The programme consists of SIX subjects:
3 Higher Level. 240h
3 of Intermediate Level. 150h

The same subjects are taught during both years.

You must choose one subject from each group from 1 to 5.