Enrolment at the Bilingual School Pozuelo

Internacional Aravaca is a bilingual school in Pozuelo with its own educational programme, based on the complete immersion of the student in the language. Unlike other bilingual schools in Pozuelo, our students learn in an environment where English is more than just the language of instruction.

Welcome to Pozuelo Bilingual School

At Internacional Aravaca we develop an educational process based on multiculturalism, advanced educational methods and the best facilities. 


Quality education in a bilingual and multicultural environment


At our bilingual school located in Pozuelo, we offer a quality education in an environment that celebrates diversity and encourages bilingualism. We understand the importance of preparing our students for a globalised world, which is why we not only place importance on language, but also on full cultural immersion. This multicultural approach not only enriches their educational experience, but also develops their empathy and understanding of other cultures, preparing them to be responsible and aware global citizens. This is also possible thanks to the implementation of the International Baccalaureate Programmes from infancy, as one of the attributes it promotes is international mindedness and openness to other cultures. In addition, we have 36 nationalities in the school.


Our educational philosophy and differentiating pedagogical approach


Our school’s educational philosophy is centred on a differentiating pedagogical approach, which recognises and respects the individuality of each student. We strongly believe in a personalised education, which is adapted to the needs and abilities of each student. Our teaching method stimulates critical thinking and creativity, enabling students not only to acquire knowledge, but also to develop essential life skills. We foster a collaborative learning environment, where students feel safe to express their ideas and learn from each other, preparing them to face challenges and seize opportunities in an ever-changing world.


Modern and safe facilities for the all-round development of students


Our facilities in Pozuelo are designed with the well-being and integral development of our students in mind. We have modern classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology that facilitate interactive and effective learning. In addition, our sports facilities and recreational areas are safe and promote physical development and socialisation among our students. 

Our school has several laboratories, workshops, indoor sports centre, paddle and tennis courts, vegetable garden, football and basketball fields, tatami and climbing wall, among other facilities.

Why choose our Pozuelo Bilingual School?

The key to our bilingual school in Pozuelo is our perception of what a school should offer a student who wishes to develop their full potential. The advantages of our public school in Aravaca are as follows. 


Linguistic immersion from an early age


Aravaca International focuses on language immersion from an early age, aware that exposure to language from the very beginning of education is crucial for children’s cognitive and linguistic development. Through an environment where several languages are spoken naturally and on a daily basis, students acquire language skills intuitively and organically. This early exposure not only improves their ability to communicate in different languages, but also allows them to develop greater mental flexibility and a better understanding of global perspectives.


Internationally recognised official certificates in English and other languages


At our school, we prepare students for the opportunity to obtain official, internationally recognised certificates in English and other languages. These certificates are a reflection of the high level of linguistic competence that our students achieve and are a valuable tool for their academic and professional future. We prepare students not only to pass these tests, but also to acquire real, practical competence in the language. Official language diplomas open doors in the international arena, allowing them to stand out in an increasingly globalised and competitive world.

At our school, we not only prepare our students to obtain official certificates from institutions such as Cambridge, the Goethe Institute or Delf, but we are also an official examination centre for these certificates, so our students can take the exams in our own classrooms.


Native and international teachers and innovative methodologies for language development


We have a team of highly qualified native and internationl teachers who bring authenticity and depth to the language learning process. Their cultural and linguistic knowledge enriches the classes, offering students a complete learning experience. In addition, we employ innovative methodologies that focus on the practical use of the language, promoting active participation and meaningful learning. These methodologies include interactive techniques, collaborative projects and the use of educational technology, ensuring that students not only learn the language, but also live and experience it in a dynamic and engaging way.

Educational offer at our Pozuelo Bilingual School for all levels

Our educational programmes incorporate language learning from the first years of school, offering the opportunity to opt for a dual American baccalaureate. 


During the infant school years, students have their first contact with the language, learning English at the same pace as they perfect their mother tongue. In addition, in Years 2 and 3, the entire teaching timetable is 100% in English. 


Primary courses help to improve vocabulary and communication skills, having 20-21 teaching periods in English.


During secondary school, language skills are improved to a high level of linguistic competence. 


The baccalaureate focuses on specific aspects of the language, which are essential for international higher education.

Dual American Baccalaureate

The Dual American Baccalaureate is an educational programme that allows students to study simultaneously in their home country and in the United States. Through this programme, students can obtain two high school diplomas. At Aravaca International we offer our students the best dual baccalaureate.

Admission and enrolment process

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