Happy futures

We make the most of each child’s skills

We are an authorized school to teach the IB program in Infants.

Our Steps project adapts to meet the needs and growth of our youngest students, ensuring that from the ages of 2 to 6 our children take all the right steps and receive the necessary stimuli that is so vital for their full development.

School is not just about lessons, it’s about people, moments, looks, conversations, laughter, yard play and swimming. We want Internacional Aravaca to be a part of your family, the people you remember when you look back, where you had experiences you are proud of and where you made your first steps to built the foundations of your future.

This is why we have implemented our own methodology, ideally suited to the needs and growth of our youngest children. We are committed to language and to all it entails as a path to progress. Language builds worlds, creates relationships, forges personalities, reaches agreements and above all is the key to the future. We pay special attention to the development of our students’ physical, mental and language skills. We make the path to perfect English a part of the every day life of our children.


Our language programmes in English and Spanish cover three main areas: Oral expression, reading and writing. All three of these involve activities based on multiple intelligences.

An effective way to encourage children to use the English language and stir their curiosity, interests and concerns is through our Project Methodology.

Our teachers take great care in selecting meaningful topics, taking into account the different ability levels in the classroom and the advantages of working co-operatively.

They are complemented by art terms, education through art and music, and technology through the computer and iPad, all in English.

That is why our maths programme is an active part of our students’ first experiences in English in a different, real and fun way. Each child uses multiple intelligences to overcome different mathematical challenges, such as problem solving, according to their own ability and level of maturity.

Our daily programme of Early Stimulation based on the method of Glenn Doman takes advantage of the flexibility of infant minds, the objective being to give children the future physical and cognitive excellence that they deserve.

8 intelligences

We believe that every person has different abilities and some are more developed than others. Awareness of these differences and that not everyone learns in the same way nor at the same pace is basic for quality in education and the optimal development of each student. This enables us to teach each student according to their own individual capabilities, optimising their learning and development.


This means getting to know our feelings and inner life.
Self-awareness and the ability to know oneself.


The ability to identify with the language of nature, to enjoy and be curious about the natural world.


The ability to feel (as music lovers) and discern (as music critics), to transform (as composers) and to express (as performers) musical forms.


The ability to use numbers effectively and to reason well (mathematicians, engineers etc.)


The ability to use words effectively both orally and in writing (poets, playwrights, editors etc.)


Using one’s body to effectively express ideas and feelings (actors, mimes, athletes, dancers, craftsmen, sculptors, mechanics, surgeons etc.)


The ability to perceive and distinguish the moods, intentions, motivations and feelings of others.


Ability to perceive the world visually and spatially (hunters, guards, architects, inventors, etc.)


Family is a program for our Infant School families, whom we include and involve one hundred percent throughout this important educational stage. We include families as both participants and protagonists in all our activities, educational programs and events. Their participation, opinions and points of view are the greatest asset we have to ensure continued growth. Through IA Family, Internacional Aravaca continues to go from strength to strength.

Knowledge Areas in Infant School

I2 – 2 AÑOS
I3 – 3 AÑOS
I4 – 4 AÑOS
I5 – 5 AÑOS
8 13
27 26 19 14
3 3 2 2
2 2 2 2
2 2 2 2
IT (*)
English and Spanish
courses indistinctly
1 1
1 1 1
1 1
English and Spanish courses indistinctly
 35  35  26  22

*  Areas taught in English

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