Bilingual Infant Education in Madrid
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The Early Years period, equivalent to infant education in our bilingual school in Madrid, is fundamental. During these courses, pupils learn to develop numerous skills, many of which are related to language learning and practice. At Internacional Aravaca we have a complete programme during the Early Years, to educate our pupils in a comprehensive way.

Steps Infant Project (2-6 years)

Our Steps programme of bilingual nursery education in Madrid is divided into two stages, in which education is either entirely in English, or is carried out bilingually.

Full English education for 2 and 3 year olds

The Steps Project for 2 and 3 year olds focuses on complete immersion in English, creating an environment where language learning occurs naturally and constantly. From the beginning, students are surrounded by auditory and visual stimuli in English, which facilitates an organic assimilation of the language.

Through songs, games, stories and interactive activities, we encourage not only linguistic, but also cognitive, emotional and social development. This early stage is crucial for harnessing children’s innate ability to learn languages, preparing them for a future in a globalised world with a solid foundation in English.

Bilingual education in Years 3 and 4

As our students progress within the Steps Project, education evolves towards a bilingual model. This gradual transition introduces Spanish in a balanced way alongside English, enriching the students’ linguistic environment. Through an interactive and participatory methodology, adequate exposure to both languages is ensured, thus promoting functional bilingualism. Activities are designed to be meaningful and fun, allowing children to express themselves, learn and think in both languages.

This approach not only improves their language skills, but also fosters greater cultural understanding and prepares students for the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

Why choose Internacional Aravaca?

Some of the reasons for choosing our bilingual nursery school in Madrid are as follows.

PEP (Primary School Programme) Authorised School

Internacional Aravaca is proud to be an authorised school to implement the Primary Years Programme (PYP). This innovative programme focuses on the development of the whole student, addressing not only their academic needs but also their social, emotional and physical needs. It is a learner-centred educational approach for children aged 3-12 years. The PYP draws on the best educational research, experiences and thought leadership in education from IB World Schools.

Through the PYP, we encourage enquiry and discovery, allowing students to be the protagonists of their own learning. By integrating bilingual instruction within the PYP, we promote a deep understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and perspectives, preparing our students to be competent global citizens.

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Outstanding academic track record and recognition in the educational community

Internacional Aravaca‘s academic track record is widely recognised in the educational community, thanks to our unwavering commitment to excellence in bilingual primary education. Our innovative methodology and personalised approach to each student’s development has enabled us to achieve outstanding academic achievements and gain national and international recognition.

We are proud to have achieved an educational environment where students not only reach their full academic potential, but also develop vital skills for the future century, such as critical thinking, empathy and resilience.

Our working methodology

At this stage we work on aspects such as phonics, oral expression, reading and writing, artistic language, English comprehension, mathematics, new technologies, early stimulation, emotional development and positive interdependence. This process is part of a broader approach, which takes into account the multiple abilities of our students.

We apply the following principles to our Early Years programme:

Early Stimulation Program

At Internacional Aravaca, we recognize the importance of the first educational experiences. Our pedagogical programs are designed to adapt to the needs and learning rates of the little ones.

This Early Stimulation Program includes all the psychomotor and sensory development of our students. We carry out psychomotor development through our psychomotor classroom and sensory development through our specialized classroom. All these classes are held twice a week in each classroom, since the development of these two aspects is essential at an early age.

In addition, all preschool students have pool hours during their school day for psychomotor development in our Early Stimulation Program.

Through playful and educational activities, we encourage innate curiosity and the capacity for wonder, establishing the foundations for meaningful and lasting learning, focusing on language learning.

Individualised support for the development of skills and talents

We understand that each child is unique, which is why at Aravaca International we offer individualised support to identify and enhance each student’s skills and talents. Through continuous observation and the adaptation of our educational strategies, we ensure a holistic development, respecting and celebrating the individuality of each student.

Strategies and tools for problem solving

Problem solving skills are fundamental at any stage of life. Our bilingual school integrates specific strategies and tools to teach children to approach challenges creatively and effectively. We promote critical and flexible thinking, preparing our students not only for academic success, but also for success in their daily lives.

Admissions and enrolment process

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