Private School in Pozuelo de Alarcón

Our private school in Pozuelo de Alarcón has the best educational offer, the results of our students in national and international tests are the best proof of the effectiveness of our educational programs. 

At Internacional Aravaca we have developed a method in which language learning is the basis of teaching. Through continuous practice, our students learn to express themselves in English as naturally as they do in their native language.

Why are we considered the best private school in Pozuelo?

We encourage our students’ abilities through practical learning, allowing them to develop their skills in the right environment. 

Our private school in Pozuelo de Alarcón takes into account the emotional level of the student. Each student is for us a project for the future, offering them a space dedicated to learning and at the same time, favorable for their own personal development is what motivates us every day. 

The following are some of the reasons why our private school in Pozuelo de Alarcón is a reference in the Community of Madrid. 

Because of our facilities

We have all kinds of spaces dedicated to learning and leisure. In addition to our laboratories and workshops, we have sports facilities that include an indoor sports center, basketball and football courts, paddle and tennis courts, libraries, a vegetable garden and a psychomotricity classroom. 

Multilingual Teaching

The multilingual teaching method we have developed at Internacional Aravaca obtains the best results year after year. All our students learn to express themselves in English with the same naturalness with which they express themselves in Spanish. Once they finish their academic stage, our students have acquired a level close to bilingualism, and they also develop exceptional communicative skills.  

Because of our values

Beyond purely academic knowledge, there are values that our school strives to transmit to our students. Our commitment is based on training our students in values such as commitment, responsibility and solidarity, which allows us to form people who are aware of the environment in which they live, with a broad vision of the world they are part of.  

Digital learning from the very beginning

We incorporate the main digital advances related to teaching. All our classrooms are fully equipped, our students get used to apply the use of technology to their daily lives as another tool. 

Advantages of studying in our Private School in Pozuelo

The advantages of studying in our private school in Pozuelo de Alarcón are the following. 


  • Our bilingual teaching method allows our students to develop their communicative skills in English at the same pace as they learn their mother tongue.
  • We have all the necessary equipment to offer our students the best learning environment throughout their academic stage. 
  • We apply a method based on individual attention, with which we obtain the best performance from each of our students.
  • We take into account the values that will be the basis of their behavior during their adult life.

Private School in Pozuelo for all educational stages

Our private school in Pozuelo is a unique opportunity in the Community of Madrid

Our school covers all educational stages, from infant school to pre-university. We apply an educational process based on the British program, so our students can receive the best international education. 

The infant courses already incorporate classes in English, with which the student begins to assimilate the grammatical structures at the same pace at which he or she learns his or her mother tongue. This learning is permanent and is reinforced during primary school.

Secondary school allows us to broaden the knowledge of the language by focusing on technical aspects, in order to orient their abilities towards the challenges that await them in the near future. The baccalaureate courses are a preparation stage prior to university education, therefore, our students acquire language skills oriented both to international university education, as well as to their future work.   

Our school receives the best academic results!

The best proof of the effectiveness of our curricular programs are the results that, year after year, our students obtain. Both in national tests such as the EBAU, as well as in international exams, our students obtain high marks in the tests that give access to university education. 

In addition to linguistic knowledge, it is important for us that students are able to solve all kinds of tests related to their education. At Internacional Aravaca we encourage our students to achieve their academic goals and prepare for their future career with all the guarantees.

Choose the best private school in Madrid for your children’s future

If you want to offer the best academic future to your children, our private school in Pozuelo de Alarcón is the perfect academic environment. To our education based on language learning, we add a personalized educational attention, with which the student can develop their skills in the best environment. 

We are part of the International School Partnership

One of the advantages of our school is the collaboration we have with the International Schools Partnership (ISP). This institution is formed by schools from all over the world, therefore, it allows us to organize all kinds of educational activities in English, both online and face-to-face.

ISP represents a learning space, based on the collaboration of educational institutions from all over the world. For International Aravaca it is an opportunity for our students to discover other cultures and share their experiences with other students of their age. 

Registration Period

The registration period for the next academic year has already begun. If you would like to make your reservation for next year, please contact Internacional Aravaca. 


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We are located at the following address.


Calle Santa Bernardita, 3. Aravaca | 28023 Madrid | Spain.