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We welcome you to Aravaca International, an educational project of great academic rigour characterised by our dedication to the learning and personal development of our students. We do this through active methodologies, technology, languages, sport and by promoting skills such as critical thinking, decision making, communication skills and entrepreneurship, among others.

The school’s great team of professionals provides constant support to students, empowering their abilities so that they can achieve academic and personal success, creating pedagogical experiences that open their minds as global citizens aware of themselves and the world around them.

Our students are recognised as caring and informed citizens who contribute to building a better world through intercultural understanding and respect.


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Why AI?

International Aravaca’s educational project is based on 5 solid pillars, with which we achieve the “educational excellence” that guarantees the success of our students, both personally and academically.

What is different?

Our basic principle is that not all students learn in the same way and at the same time. We encourage neuronal stimulation in the earliest stages through active methodologies that increase the motivation and participation of the student, who can expose and contrast their points of view.

Teamwork and problem solving in real life situations are essential qualities. All of this is accompanied by an important sports programme.

International Aravaca is committed to our students:

  • The INTEGRAL EDUCATION of its pupils. The school promotes the values that foster respect for human rights, dialogue and the relationships of coexistence necessary for the construction of a democratic society.
  • To help students develop strategies for self-evaluation, demanding work and valuing a job well done.
  • To broaden each child’s experience, knowledge, imagination and understanding, thus enabling them to realise their potential to learn and their capacity for enjoyment.
  • To help pupils develop active and analytical minds, the ability to question, discuss and develop ideas rationally and to engage in physical tasks and activities. We consider as a fundamental part of the educational process the range of sporting, cultural, artistic, manual and artistic activities which foster the interests and nuances peculiar to the pupils’ personalities, while providing a solid basis for the good use of leisure time.



International Aravaca aims to be a school of reference in the development of a comprehensive education through immersion in the English language and the support of information, knowledge and learning technologies. Our aim is to educate free and responsible people in accordance with the society in which they have to live.


  • To promote the use of the English language, teaching the communicative skills necessary for the correct and effective use of this language.
  • To encourage the educational community to cooperate with others, being sensitive to their needs and attending to diversity.
  • To foster a spirit of hard work, helping pupils to develop different strategies, to be demanding in their studies and to value personal effort in order to achieve academic excellence.
  • To encourage pupils to develop active and analytical minds, with the ability to question, discuss and develop ideas rationally, expanding the need to experiment, know, imagine and understand.
  • To provide pupils with the skills and abilities necessary to face the technological challenges of their time.
  • To promote the practice of sport as a healthy value and to encourage healthy competition as an element of improvement and development. To respect the environment as an articulating element of human life.
  • To promote values that encourage dialogue and respect for human rights.
  • To teach pupils to become competent people who are true to themselves, providing them with the resources and emotional and social skills that will enable them to choose the most harmonious path possible.
  • To value teachers in their teaching work from all areas of the educational community, recognising their dedication and professionalism.
  • To foster a fluid, cordial and coordinated relationship between the school and their families, involving them as much as possible in the educational process of their children.


  • Respect for people and their environment, based on solidarity and companionship.
  • Discipline, effort and capacity for self-improvement.
  • Freedom, based on its responsible use.
  • The human factor is our main value, promoting know-how and know-how in the different aspects of daily life.

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