In 1st EPO we visited Micropolix to find out more about the city’s services.

1st EPO pupils were able to close their unit of enquiry in the best way: visiting the services they had learned about in the city in first person and as if they were adults. THEY VISITED MICROPOLIX!

During the third unit of enquiry, they investigated the transdisciplinary theme “Where we are in time and space” and got to know their neighbourhood, the street and city where they live, and the services that make our lives easier.

Micropolix was a perfect ending to the unit, as they were able to become real professionals showing their great skills: they were firemen, going through a complicated route until they could reach their goal; they drove a quad bike using the license they had been given at the driving school; and they were even given money (euris) to spend at the supermarket making a purchase of ecological products, among others.

After this unit our students are a bit more thinkers and knowledgeable and informed!

Laura O.