It is common knowledge that the best way to immerse yourself in the culture of another country and embark on a journey of meaningful personal growth is to live there. Aravaca International fosters these important life skills with the International Language Exchange Program (ILOS). This program offers our students the opportunity to travel the world […]

School Day for Non-Violence and Peace

On January 30 the students of the infant stage celebrated the school day of Non-violence and Peace. After being the previous days working with them on the theme of peace, with different crafts and assemblies. On Monday they enjoyed different activities and interpreting different related songs. Congratulations for the show! They did a wonderful job […]

Our exchange student

We are pleased to welcome an exchange student from Vienna, Austria. She is spending a month with one of our families this year. We hope that her experience at Internacional Aravaca will be great and we wanted to ask her a few questions to get to know her better and for her to tell us […]

Visit to Carlos III University

As part of our program of PROFESSIONAL ORIENTATION, FUTURE PATHWAYS, our students of 2nd baccalaureate visit one of the most prestigious public universities in Madrid, the Carlos III Public University in the campus of Leganés, and participate in a workshop of orientation and admission in which they are explained the characteristics of the EBAU admission […]

For another year, as part of our careers guidance program, our students of 1st baccalaureate attend the UNITOUR university fair, which hosts more than 30 national and international universities, both public and private, so that each student can visit the stands and get first-hand information. Our students went to Politécnica to find out about the […]

3ºESO has read the world famous coming-of-age novel “The Outsiders”, by S.E. Hinton. They could closely relate to the story while reading it, which tells the conflict between two rival gangs divided by their socioeconomic status, and were surprised to find out these issues have been happening forever. As a wrap-up to the reading and in […]

History of Madrid

During 2ndESO our students delve into the Middle Ages in the subject of Individuals and Societies. Therefore, in their formation as citizens, the objective of this activity is that they learn about the origins of their city, that they approach and enjoy its history through the experience and discovery of the places where important historical […]

Chess Tournament

Last Saturday, January 21, several members of the chess team participated in a chess tournament of more than 100 players in which they competed individually and as a team. After numerous rounds where they played demonstrating all the theory they know and testing their ingenuity, we got with our students Nicolas Roy (2ºEPO) a second […]

Las Rozas Cross country

On January 27th, we took place,  with a selection of 48 primary and secondary students in a Cross organized by the City Council of Las Rozas. The starting and finishing line of the race was at the athletics track of Navalcarbón. There was a great level and the students did an incredible job. The runner, […]

Getting to know the roman empire

On January 11th, the students of I5 had an outing to archaeopinto as a motivational activity for the new unit of inquiry: “Ancient civilizations reflect today’s society”. The children enjoyed the activity very much, they could see first hand what a Roman house was like, the different intendancies they had and they could make fire […]