1stESO went on a cultural trip to Valencia

The cultural trip to Valencia with the 1st-year ESO students was an enriching and fun experience that fostered coexistence and learning. On the first day, after departing punctually from the school gate, we headed to Vall d’Uixó to visit the San José caves. This impressive natural site, with its tranquil boat ride along the longest navigable underground river in Europe, left us all in awe. Additionally, we had the opportunity to go to the beach after arriving at the hotel, allowing the students to enjoy a playful afternoon with their peers.

The second day was entirely dedicated to the City of Arts and Sciences, an icon of modern architecture and scientific dissemination. We had breakfast at the hotel and then headed to this impressive complex where the students could immerse themselves in the fascinating world of science and nature. The visit included tickets to the Oceanographic, the museum, and the Hemispheric, where through interactive games, experiments, and projections, the students learned in an enjoyable way. The day ended with another afternoon at the beach, further strengthening the bonds of friendship and camaraderie among the students.

The last day of the trip took us to the Albufera Natural Park, a natural space of great beauty and ecological value. The students learned about the importance of rice cultivation in the Albufera and its connection to the area’s biodiversity. This cultural trip not only offered moments of fun and learning but also strengthened the bonds among the students, creating lasting memories of an unforgettable experience.

Patricia, María and Miguel