Arts Day 2024

“Performing” is one of the criteria we work on in the MYP (IB) through Music, Arts, and Theater, and its importance is immense for multiple reasons. Thanks to the rehearsals for musical and theater performances, and the performances and exhibitions of “Arts Day”, our students develop self-confidence, as well as communication skills, proprioceptive awareness, memory, diction, and much more. Additionally, they connect with each other on a deeper level, developing the ability to work as a group towards a common goal. For all these reasons, on May 8th we celebrated “Arts Day”, where we enjoyed musical performances by 1º and 3ºESO; exhibitions of different art pieces created in Arts, with guided tours lead by our 1º, 2º, and 3ºESO students; and theater performances by 2ºESO and 1ºBach.

Families play a vital role in “Arts Day”. That is why we would like to highlight the great importance it has for our students to have their family come to the school on a day where they, their performances, exhibitions, and art are the protagonists.

We look forward to enjoying “Arts Day” with you once again next year.

Patricia A. y Gael