A Carnival full of colour and fun

In february, we celebrated Carnival! A long awaited party for everyone. This year the costume theme chosen by the teachers to commemorate the centenary in both Early Years and Primary was “Disney”.

The 2 year olds painted with brushes and chalk, the 3, 4 and 5 year olds played What’s the time Mr. Wolf?, Duck Duck Goose, Hoops with music and Races, they enjoyed a dancing disco, parachutes and other games of races and relays.

Primary took part in the traditional Carnival fair, where the games, the passport to get points for our houses, the coupons with prizes, the music and the fancy dress parade were the stars of the show. 

As always, it has been a day full of colour and joy where everyone, adults and children, have enjoyed a very special day.

If you want to see the video summary, don’t miss the reels on Instagram!

Miss Carol