School Day for Non-Violence and Peace

On January 30 the students of the infant stage celebrated the school day of Non-violence and Peace. After being the previous days working with them on the theme of peace, with different crafts and assemblies. On Monday they enjoyed different activities and interpreting different related songs. Congratulations for the show! They did a wonderful job […]

Getting to know the roman empire

On January 11th, the students of I5 had an outing to archaeopinto as a motivational activity for the new unit of inquiry: “Ancient civilizations reflect today’s society”. The children enjoyed the activity very much, they could see first hand what a Roman house was like, the different intendancies they had and they could make fire […]

Playing with Snow

With the arrival of the cold season and winter, the 2-year-old children of IA have been playing with the snow in our Sensory Classroom. They themselves have created the snow with simple materials such as water and baking soda. With a few simple steps of mixing these materials themselves in a tray, they were able […]

Christmas is illusion and magic… Solidarity event IA

Last December 17th we celebrated the Christmas event at International Aravaca, a Saturday jordan in which the IA family, students, parents and friends gathered with a double motive, to celebrate Christmas and support a solidarity cause. For 5 years now we have joined forces to collaborate with our family in Chumvi (Kenya) in different areas: […]

IA Christmas Festival

Christmas is a very special time of the year for Aravaca International, days characterized by music and joy. Also this year, we have celebrated our traditional Christmas festival where the students have developed theatrical skills that foster their interpersonal development as well as making us excited and enjoying the beginning of Christmas. We love that […]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This term in the framework of our IB unit on Professions, within the line of enquiry “The different professions we find in our community”. The students at home, prepared a box with all the tools of the job that they chose, they also had the chance to come dressed up to school. They explained to […]

Kids graduate in 5 years

On Friday, 27th May, we celebrated with great excitement the graduation of 5 years. It was a moment of special excitement for everyone. It is wonderful to see how the families “drool” to see their children and contemplate, in the act of graduation at the end of the course, that they pass stages, that they […]

We travel into space in our Sensory Room

The Early years pupils were able to enjoy an installation in the sensory classroom whose theme was “The planets”. For this, we used different materials such as confetti, fluorescent sticks, paper of different textures… all of this with the motivation of black light which makes it much more attractive for them. The aim of these […]

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