Sensory Magic Spring

Taking advantage of the arrival of spring, with its sun, light, colors, and fragrance, we have decided to do various sensory activities on the subject. Sensory activities encourage our children to perceive and connect through their senses. In turn, we guide them to focus on each one during the session, prompting them to think with different types of questions, such as: if you close your eyes now, what does it smell like? Wait! Have you heard that sound? What do you think it is? is It a bird? A lion?


We also used various materials in different sessions. Since it’s Book Day month, we read the story “The Grasshopper and the Ant,” asking the children to pay attention to the background of the book where different bugs and flowers are shown in many colors. After reading, the activity was to draw something related to spring that they liked on a card using fluorescent watercolors. They loved it, and I enjoyed how beautiful the drawings turned out!

Another colorful and special activity was experimenting with baking soda, vinegar, and various colors (regular and fluorescent). We prepared traces made with baking soda in the sensory tray and placed different colors in the middle (with a magic ingredient that made the moment even more special) along with pipettes. Then, we encouraged them to experiment freely and observe what they wanted to do. They began adding color to different parts of the baking soda, asking about the smell and becoming really excited when they saw the baking soda start to produce tiny bubbles. We started the activity during daylight so that, after a while, they could see the impact and transformation when using black light. This turned the activity into a truly magical process.

Ms. Hala