On the last day of school, as well as saying goodbye, we also closed the school year in style. We celebrated our Ia Awards or better known as the Excellence Awards. We rewarded those students who – as the name suggests – have been excellent during the year and have stood out either for their […]

Another promotion that achieves its dreams

Our 2nd year Baccalaureate students have now taken the Selectividad and are closer to starting the career of their dreams. This year has been a particularly controversial edition in terms of the difficulty of certain exams, but even so, our students have obtained very good averages that allow them to access the profession they want.  […]

Hello World 2021: our most exciting quiz to watch

One of the most exciting competitions in secondary school is our traditional and famous “Hello World” quiz. As the name suggests, this is a competition where our students compete to see who knows all the capitals of the world best. There is a full-scale display in Secondary. The contestants are from 3rd ESO. And the […]

Our parents visit us… under the sea

Our youngest pupils, in Year 2, have had a very special visit to the school during the month of June.  It is an activity that is usually done every year and it is about the parents of the youngest children coming to school to do some crafts with them. There were a lot of materials […]

We are again winners of DrawingED21

As we told you in the previous newsletter, all our 5th Primary and 1st ESO students prepared projects in groups for the Créate Fair. These projects were shared with all of you, our great IA family, so that you could vote for the ones you considered the best for DrawingED21 of the Créate Foundation. Well, […]


Every year we hold our now traditional Spelling Bee competition, where our Primary pupils are faced with different words and have to spell them in order to win the grand prize.  It is a competition that they love and they learn a lot. Not only do they learn to spell the words they find difficult […]

Do not miss our 1º Bacc Debate

One of the skills we encourage at Internacional Aravaca from a very young age is public speaking. We are aware that this is a very important soft skill for their future. University and working life are full of presentations where they will have to face an audience and they will have to be up to […]

All united for SCU!

Street Child United, as the name suggests, is an organisation that helps street children around the world with a clear objective, to help them achieve their goals through sport. ISP asked all the schools in the group to raise our voices and make the stories of these children known, not only within the school but […]


IA’s “World’s Culture Exhibition 2021” is back again! This time, like last  year, due to the pandemic we are suffering, we had to reinvent the wheel  and turn our precious exhibition into an online format. But again, it has  been a major success! Our 1º and 2ºESO students have recorded videos  exhibiting and explaining in […]