5th grade EPO students from Internacional Aravaca win South Summit KIDS with their project The Sustainable Guard

Once again this year, the students of the 5thEPO have demonstrated their aptitude to be great entrepreneurs. As they do every year, they are taking a subject that prepares them to develop an entrepreneurial project, combining research, capital calculation, creativity and design. All of this is taken to its maximum exponent with the creation of prototypes of the products they design, the organisation and elaboration of good merchandising and the staging of our fair in the school where each team organises and decorates their stands.
After the students’ long and hard work on their prototypes, it was time to send their product presentations to the judges and the people in charge of South Summit Kids 2024, the most important and well-known international entrepreneurship and innovation fair and, in this case, to its KIDS category.

The 13th edition of the South Summit arrives in Madrid from 5 to 7 June, a unique venue that brings together the key players to drive business progress and growth.
The third day of South Summit 24 hosts the South Summit Kids Competition, which recognises the best entrepreneurial projects from schools across Spain. Among the three selected schools is Internacional Aravaca with one of our projects: The Sustainable Guard Rail.
Last Friday June 7th, our students from the finalist project lived the experience that culminated with the recognition of their innovative and sustainable project that ensures public safety. The Sustainable Guardrail was the winner of this edition of South Summit 2024. Congratulations to its members: Lucía M., Rita C., Lola F., Roberta R., Arkadii F. and Ana Mi. Good job!

Miss Carol Gala
Primary English and Entrepreneurship Teacher