In I5 we go to the Zoo to support our Unit of Inquiry on nature and animals

On April 23rd , I5 students went to visit the Zoo Aquarium in Madrid. This outing was the starting point to begin our adventure into the animal world. In this last unit of enquiry, the central idea we are going to work on is ‘Drama can help us to learn about nature’. During the unit, students will investigate nature and some of the animals that live in it. As a final product, they will perform the popular story ‘What the moon tastes like’, whose main characters are animals.

Each team of pupils is going to represent a different animal and, for this reason, we have paid more attention to these animals during the visit. We have been able to analyse how they move, how they behave and many other curious facts so that the pupils can become one of them in a few weeks.

Research skills, the ability to ask interesting questions, the profile of thinkers are just some of the skills that our students have acquired after this activity.

It was a very enriching experience in which the children learned as well as enjoyed a great day out.

Ms Rocío.