We worked on water and held the second Eco-school Assembly of the year

The month of February was shorter than usual, with the new members of our committee having settled into the routine of Friday meetings, we set about preparing for our second eco-school assembly.

In our third year we will be working on the theme of water. At this assembly, we presented the findings of the audit carried out by the children and ideas for improving water consumption in the school, as well as presenting a new section of tips from the parents of the committee to the community. On the other hand, as part of the third unit of enquiry, the fifth year primary pupils produced plays for the infant school children in which they explained what an eco-school is. 

As part of the Eco-school competitions this term we have launched the radio spots competition, and we will shortly be informing you of the winners and their prizes. Stay tuned for the next eco-school initiatives and campaigns !!!!!!