We support the Aladina Foundation and the children with cancer

World Childhood Cancer Day was celebrated on 15th February. From the school, together with the Aladina Foundation, we wanted to pay tribute to these children who deserve it so much.

For several days we have been raising awareness and sensitising our students from the tutoring class and we have received a wonderful response from all of them and our families.

To collaborate with the foundation and do our bit, each student voluntarily made a donation to buy a scarf, and on “Scarf Challenge” day; a challenge in which we all had to wear a scarf on our heads as a sign of support and respect for those children with cancer who often have to wear a scarf because of their treatments.

It was a very emotional and special day for everyone.

“You are not alone, we are all here to accompany you, to support you and to give you thousands of smiles”.

Valme G.