In 3rd EPO we visited Brinzal to inquire about biodiversity and the population.

Last Wednesday, March 13th, we accompanied our 3EPO students to visit BRINZAL.

After finishing a great unit of inquiry “The relationship between biodiversity and population”, and after having raised enough money to sponsor one of their birds, finally came the long awaited moment to meet BRINZAL in person.

On this visit we went on a hike around their facility to get to know the environment in which Brinzal is working to restore the habitat of the animals that live there. After the walk, they were able to participate in a bird banding workshop to learn how they record the birds they collect, cure and release.

Without a doubt, it was a meaningful celebration of learning to see with their own eyes, the result of the effort spent in participating in a great fundraising campaign to help the environment.

Good job and once again, many thanks to all the families for your support!