In 6th grade EPO we learn about our past at the Museum of the Transition, to understand our present.

During the month of February, the sixth epo students were studying the changes of the 20th century in Spain through their third unit of enquiry which has as its central idea: “Knowing the past allows us to understand the present”. In order to internalise the meaning of this central idea, they had the opportunity to visit the Museum of the Transition in Cebreros. This museum takes a look at the Spain of the transition from a political and social point of view.

This visit offers the students unforgettable experiences such as getting into a 600, sitting in the seats of the Congress of Deputies and even creating their own identity card of the time and voting.

In addition to all these experiences, students had the opportunity to understand the significance of the figure of King Juan Carlos in history, the work of Adolfo Suárez and the importance of the Constitution.

Beatriz A.