A Christmas full of magic, illusion and solidarity

This year we celebrated Christmas at Internacional Aravaca in style.

It all started with our “Coffee and Crafts” days, with the volunteer families who helped us create all the decorations for the Christmas Fair. We had a fantastic few days creating stars with clothes hangers, giant candies with pool churros and a spectacular Santa Claus cave. Thousands of thanks to all of you who participated and helped us to create a magical and unforgettable Christmas environment for the rest of the families and kids.

In the meantime, we were creating the wonderful Christmas baskets for our Solidarity Raffle that went in favor of Idea Libre and their school in Chumvi. The ballots for the raffle were sold by the secondary school students… And as a motivational activity they had a connection with Idea Libre and Chumvi… they showed them the news of the school and how little by little they were able to help more and more the children of Chumvi with collaborations like the one with the community of Internacional Aravaca.

On December 15th, the Christmas performances were held… where students from I3 to 2nd Primary dressed in their best clothes to celebrate Christmas and perform in front of their families. What a great staging! Congratulations to all the students for their enthusiasm and to the teachers for their dedication and enthusiasm in making that afternoon one of the most endearing! For their part, the I2 kids had a fun afternoon with their families to celebrate Christmas. They made a craft together and shared a very fun and creative moment.

And finally, on the 16th we were able to celebrate our big Christmas Fair at school. There was everything! A solidarity market where we had stalls of accessories, handmade nativity scenes, clothes, accessories, toys… thanks to all the brands that were there and collaborated on this day! Inflatables and dance floor, chocolate with churros, Christmas crafts …. In addition, the extracurricular theater performed the play “A Christmas Carol”. A beautiful show, where the children showed off and left us all impressed with their acting skills. Congratulations to the actors and their teacher, Bea, for their wonderful work! And, of course, Santa Claus did not want to miss such a well-deserved occasion to meet all the students of Internacional Aravaca. He paid us a very special visit and dedicated the whole morning of his busy schedule to our kids. How lucky we are! thank you Santa Claus! In addition, he had a gift for each child who visited him…. a magic pencil so that they could write or draw all their dreams with it! During the party, the decorations created by the families of the school looked spectacular and the school was more beautiful than ever … thanks again to all of you!

Of course, we could not finish our Christmas agenda without the visit of Their Majesties the Three Wise Men from the East. They also visited us to listen to all the wishes of our students. They were talking to them and listening very carefully, they did not want to forget any request. We had told them that all our students had been very good this first trimester and that they could grant them all their wishes.

To top it all off, on the 22nd we had our little raffle for the Christmas baskets. The students of 2nd Baccalaureate were in charge of the organization and presentation of the raffle, with the help of the ambassadors and sub-ambassadors of all secondary classes. The live where we did the raffle you have it posted on our instagram account Congratulations to all the winners!

Once again, a great Christmas for Internacional Aravaca and its families. Thank you all again for making it happen. With all the actions we have been able to raise 6.000 € for Idea libre and their school in Chumvi, Thank you!!!