On the last day of school, as well as saying goodbye, we also closed the school year in style. We celebrated our Ia Awards or better known as the Excellence Awards. We rewarded those students who – as the name suggests – have been excellent during the year and have stood out either for their […]

Slow and steady

When our pupils enter the infant school, we are lucky enough to witness how they evolve and how they have an amazing learning over the years. From starting to read, to write, to colour without going over the edge of the drawing…. These are all great achievements for them and for us who see it! […]

Webinar aboutCyber-Addiction Prevention

New technologies and devices have greatly improved our quality of life and the way we see the world. They have opened up a million possibilities and alternatives that did not even exist a few years ago, they have made our lives easier and have even become essential tools in our students’ learning. However, like everything […]

Erasmus Jam in Crete

This February, an ERASMUS STEAM JAM meeting took place in Crete, Greece where we exchanged and learnt some STEAM related activities with other teachers. Among other things, we attended a robotics and science academy where we built a Lego robot and learnt how to fly drones. Also, we had the opportunity to teach a Steam […]

Arranca la House Competition

Ayer lunes, la etapa de Primaria del colegio Internacional Aravaca celebraba la ceremonia de inicio de la House Competition 2019. Como cada año, los a alumnos nuevos de la etapa de Primaria se les asignaba una casa; Fuego, Tierra, Aire o Agua. La expectación en los alumnos que suben de infantil a 1º de Primaria […]

Too Cool for School

For two weeks 2 ESO students were working on a CBL Project in which they had to decide what elements make a school perfect. After four sessions doing research on topics such as homework, school uniforms or mixed and single-sex education, the different groups prepared a presentation of their school. By working on this project, [...]

Peace Day

Preschoolers have celebrated the School day of Non-violence and Peace with the activity "All together for Peace". We have shared an aesthetic and artistic experience inspired by the Brazilian artist Lygia Pape, using the space through shared play and where all children have a place. Peace is an act of solidarity and respect.

Proyecto de Tecnología en 6º

Este año en 6º de primaria no sólo hemos sido seleccionado para participar en Retotech de la Fundación Endesa, además hemos disfrutado este trimestre de un proyecto muy especial, trabajando conceptos básicos de programación con bitbloq, y poniendo todo en práctica con las placas de Arduino BQ Zum y todos sus componentes: infrarrojos, les, zumbadores, […]

Open Day 2019

Un año más el Colegio Internacional Aravaca ha abierto sus puertas y sus aulas a los padres que han querido ver como trabajan los alumnos en el cole. Como cada año, los asistentes han sido repartidos en grupos para hacer la visita lo más ordenada posible y así no molestar mucho a los alumnos. La […]