Secondary and Bacc celebreated their beginning-of- the-school- year- gathering

Once again, we celebrated our beginning-of-the-school-year-gathering outside the classroom, bringing together the stages of Secondary and Baccalaureate. The aim of this gathering was to enjoy a day where teachers and students could get to know and learn from each other better, from a different perspective to what the classroom and the school offer us daily.

This year, our walk took us to the beautiful Lake in Casa de Campo, where we could enjoy a wonderful day outdoors. The harmony between the current and new students, as well as the welcome from the older students to those starting this year, was truly inspiring.

We also took the opportunity for students, split up into their advisory groups, to present and defend their candidacies to become their class “ambassadors”, who will then constitute the new Student Council. A great opportunity to put their oral expression, as well as their persuasive and argumentative skill, into practice!