Excellent results thanks to Jolly Phonics

The English department of the school has once again received training modules to further enhance our phonetic method, Jolly Phonics.

As you know, Jolly Phonics is a multisensory and systematic approach to teaching reading and writing, specifically designed for children in their early years of education. Based on research into how children learn best, this method combines learning letter sounds with fun actions and activities.

Training in Jolly Phonics is not only changing how we teach reading and writing, but it is also transforming the learning experience for our young learners. By integrating physical movements, catchy songs, and practical activities, children are not only acquiring fundamental language skills, but they are also developing an emotional connection and enjoyment with the learning process.

The results so far have been extraordinary. Students are showing increased confidence in their ability to recognize and manipulate letter sounds, which is reflected in their progress in reading and writing. Additionally, we have observed an increase in motivation and classroom participation, as children are excited to engage in Jolly Phonics activities.

Valme G.