World Culture Exhibition 2022

As part of the English subject, students from 1 ESO and 2 ESO have been working on the yearly project ´World Culture Exhibition´ where they displayed their amazing discoveries of different parts of the world.  Where I come from, in 1 ESO, is a book making project where students explore their connection with a country […]

Spelling Bee 2022

Spelling is important for many reasons. Among others, communication skills, reading and spelling skills are closely related and help develop overall literacy.  At Internacional Aravaca School, yearly we celebrate our Spelling Bee in Primary. As children are required to spell words while on stage, that practice helps them to develop their self confidence and communication […]

CAMBRIDGE EXAMS – PET & FCE for schools exams

Last Saturday, May 21st and Tuesday, May 27th our 1º and 3ºESO students sat for the corresponding Cambridge exams: 1ºESO sat for Preparatory for schools (B1), while 3ºESO students sat for First for Schools (B2). They have all been thoroughly preparing for the aforementioned for the whole school year, and finally the big day arrived. […]

Excellent results at Cambridge, Delf and Goethe

During the month of October, we celebrated one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the year and one that we are very proud of: the awarding of Cambridge, Goethe and Delf diplomas to our Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate students. Throughout the year, there are many exercises, mock exams and strategies that the pupils learn, […]