Field trip to the movies – CODA by director Sian Heder

Last Friday, May 6th all of our Secondary and 1 BACC students went to see the film “CODA” by director Sian Heder, in its original version. 

CODA is the acronym in English which stands for “Child of Deaf Adults”. In this plot, Ruby is the only hearing member of a deaf family. When the family’s fishing business is threatened, Ruby finds herself torn between her love of music and her fear of leaving her parents.

In addition to encouraging our students to enjoy movies in their original version, we wanted them to improve their English. Among the many benefits that are obtained, in addition to enjoying a good movie, they had the chance to improve their oral comprehension and pronunciation, increase their vocabulary and consolidate grammar. Likewise, the fact that all grades enjoyed this fantastic experience together, encouraged the long-awaited and necessary coexistence at these ages.

As a post-activity, all grades were requested to reflect upon what they had learned about the deaf community that they didn’t know about before. In order to showcase this learning, they choose two sentences to sign language in pairs and record themselves. The resulting videos were an amazing sign of how much they had picked up on that day.