World Culture Exhibition 2022

As part of the English subject, students from 1 ESO and 2 ESO have been working on the yearly project ´World Culture Exhibition´ where they displayed their amazing discoveries of different parts of the world. 

Where I come from, in 1 ESO, is a book making project where students explore their connection with a country or region of their choice throughout investigation and research. 

It is a wonderful opportunity for them to deepen their connection with their family roots while they improve their writing, reading and organisation skills. 

A travel blog, in 2 ESO, consists in the creation of their own travel blogs. Students become travelers and advisors, they explore different countries of the world from a realistic point of view, with a limited budget and time length.  Throughout this project, they did not only learn different styles of writing but they also overcame the challenges of preparing their own trips at the same time they created a unique experience that could be definitely enjoyed in real life. 

The winners of this year are:

Best written book/website

Yago G.

Adhara J.

Ivan G.

Carolina G.

Carla C.


Most creative book/website

Katya E.

Maria B.

Minyu J.

Martina D.

Ana S.


Best speech given

Maria M.

Lucía B.

Alvaro V.

Rodrigo A.

Diego L.


Best looking stand 

Ada C.

Miyalounih V.

Jacobo L.

Mariano M.

Carla S.



Miss Marta