We celebrate the Book Week in style

On April 23rd we celebrated the book day. Therefore, Internacional Aravaca wanted to celebrate it in style. 

Just back from vacation, we had organized a week full of activities to celebrate this day as it deserves and to focus, once again, on the importance of reading. We wanted to transmit to the students all the exciting stories that are hidden in books and stories… and did we succeed!

In Early years, they focused on the stories of Dr. Seuss and each class read a story by this famous author. First, they immersed themselves in the story in question and then did a fun activity related to it… and not only that, but all the classroom doors were decorated with the theme of the Dr. Seuss story they had read!

In I2 they read “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish” and then played a game based on the story. They used a stick tied to a piece of string, like a fishing rod, with adhesive tape and tried to catch fish of different colors that were scattered on the floor. In this way, the little ones at Internacional Aravaca were also able to work on identifying and recognizing numbers and colors!

In I3 they read “The Cat in the Hat”, and of course, their activity could not be other than creating a mask with a hat included. Here they were able to work on the manipulation of different materials.

In I4 they focused on the story “How to help the Earth by the Lorax”. And that week was also Earth Day! What a great way to unite both celebrations! They loved the story and got to work making their own recycled paper and planted lentils! 


In I5, they read Green Eggs & Ham and discussed together what they had learned from the story. Afterwards, they were able to make a craft where they painted their own “Green Eggs & Ham” and took it home. They had to discuss with their families the importance of trying all kinds of foods before deciding whether they liked them or not.

That’s not all, but among all the crafts, the youngest students were able to celebrate Book Week with their older classmates through the recently launched “Buddy Readers” activity. This activity encourages on the one hand the passion for reading, as well as the connection and coexistence between students. Each Primary class had an assigned Early years class, whose students got together in small groups. The older ones read stories to the younger ones, and the latter were full of admiration and nerves – the older ones were reading them a story! Then together they discussed the learning of the story and got to know each other a little better. The activity was a great success! 

To top it all off, on Friday 22nd, we were able to celebrate Book Day and Mother Earth Day at the same time through the activity “Playing with words”. The objective of this activity was to awaken creativity and imagination among primary school students, as well as to make them participate in the great work we have in raising awareness in our community about the care of Mother Earth. Therefore, they were able to write a letter to Mother Earth using words, a very powerful tool to express themselves, just as they had learned during that week through the different activities of the Book Week. The winning letter will be chosen by Miss Paz, and we can’t wait to find out which one it is!

And, of course, we celebrated our particular Book Fair at school. That same Friday, the library and the primary hall were filled with books and stories in English, all adapted to different ages. Students of all ages were able to purchase the books they liked the most, there was so much variety that many did not know which one to choose! The important thing is that this week we have managed to continue to encourage interest in reading, curiosity for learning and respect for the world around us.