We already have the funds for our Chumvi class

Despite the circumstances of Covid, with our CHRISTMAS RAFFLE to support our “yellow” classroom in Chumvy, we have raised €5,235 thanks to the generosity and solidarity of our families, students and the educational community of Internacional Aravaca.

Thank you very much for helping us once again this year!

The reward is enormous: this help means more food rations, fruit, meat and more support in resources, facilities and materials for the education of the children in our yellow class. It means a huge increase in the quality of life for our friends in Chumvi.

In addition, to that €5,235, we added part of the proceeds from the sale of second-hand uniforms, bringing the total to €6,000, which we know will be of great value to Idea Libre and the children of Chumvi.

The rest of the proceeds from the sale of uniforms will be donated to other causes that we will tell you about very soon. We are looking forward to it!

With this kind of news and happiness, our IA together pillar makes more sense than ever. Thank you!