A week of movies

We finished one more week of our camp! It seems unbelievable that we have already spent four weeks full of games and workshops! Do you want to know everything we have done these past couple of days?
First of all, at the beginning of the week we received a big surprise: a new camp pet! We have a crocodile as a new aquatic inflatable, imagine how much fun they have had every day cooling off in this great attraction. It has been a great success!
At MiniCamp they had a movie week. The theme of this week was “Hollywood”, to give free rein to their creativity in their favorite movies. Every day, they have done different workshops and as a special activity, on Wednesday they received the visit of a storyteller to enjoy the world of cinema through reading. They had a great time!
In IACamp they have also had a very complete week. They have continued to combine sports with eco-friendly activities and art. In addition, on Monday they received a visit from a biologist for a wildlife workshop recognizing different animals and looking for footprints, with the aim of better recognizing the fauna of our environment. In addition, on Wednesday they went on an excursion to a swimming pool to spend a refreshing day.
See you next Monday, last week of camp!