Our camp is coming to an end!

We have had a great last week of camp. We are very sad to say goodbye to our new friends but we are also looking forward to the summer holidays. This week we did thousands of activities.  The little ones had a pirate week, where we made spyglasses, pirate hats, treasure chests and learned how […]

We have started our second fortnight of camp!

This week we haven’t stopped doing activities either, for many it is already our third week of camp but we have had new additions. The days have flown by as each day has been full of new adventures and fun games. At IA MINICAMP, we dedicated this week to safari and we  learnt about the […]

Second week of camp over!

These days have flown by and that’s because WE HAVE NOT STOPPED at our camp! We see our students happy enjoying all the activities we have proposed: In IA MINI CAMP this week we have focused on the theme “Under the sea”. They have made different crafts related to the sea! They have also enjoyed […]

Our Summer Camp is back in style

Believe it or not, we have already finished our first week of camp! Time flies by and we are sure that this is due to all the activities we have done during these days. Our youngest students, IA MINI CAMP, have not stopped. We have been very positively surprised by how well they have adapted […]

Final touch to our Summer Camp

We closed our last week of summer camp with thousands of amazing activities. The Mini Camp children have been doing sensory activities and crafts such as kinetic sand or gel games. This week they have also been able to show how good cooks they are by making super ham and cheese pizzas. Our Verdiart children […]

¡Otra semana divertidísima en IA Summer Camp!

Estamos de vuelta con la segunda quincena de campamento. Despedimos a los profes que se van de vacaciones y recibimos a los profes nuevos que vienen cargados de energía. Esta semana nuestros pequeños MiniCampers han estado haciendo muchas manualidades, juegos e agua y actividades sensoriales como arena kinética y pasta de sal. Les ha encantado […]


Today our Minicamp kids had a fantastic day! In large part because their teachers organised a “Water Party” to celebrate the end of the first fortnight of our camp. All the students brought water guns and different games to enjoy a very refreshing morning together. The party was full of laughter, the best music and […]


Our Sports students had a very special morning! Today two skating professionals came to give a special class to all our athletes. For this, they have been divided into two groups: beginner and intermediate level. Each group had a teacher to teach them the basics of this sport and to get them to enjoy exercising. […]


Today our Verdiart students had a very special morning! They have all taken part in an introductory tracking workshop to become more aware of the natural world around us. To do this, we have had the help of a naturalist who has informed us about the main animals that we can find in the nearest […]


It’s hard to believe that a week of camping has already gone by! These first five days have flown by and no wonder after having enjoyed so much.  Everything is going smoothly: The little ones, Mini Camp, are happy with all the activities that their teachers have prepared. They have made some recipes, created lots […]