Working on Emotional Education: SILENOLE Program

At school we have been working for years with anti-bullying programs. This school year we started the new SILENOLE method, where the family and the school work together.

Our intention is to improve school coexistence and provide students with emotional skills that help them develop as emotionally intelligent people.

During these school days, we have been working in the classrooms from kindergarten to high school on emotional labeling, that is, to name our emotions and validate them.

Our students have learned that there are no good or bad emotions, they are all valid. Family and school are in the phase of empathizing with them, and that they understand that we understand how they feel. We normalize and authorize their emotions and offer them resources to regulate those emotions that make us explode and behave inappropriately.

We achieve this with activities adapted to their age, and we also send resources to the families so that they can accompany us from home and put certain activities into practice.