This life is a carnival

February is synonymous with a lot of things… But let’s be honest, if we ask our students about this month, they clearly say CARNIVAL!

This is one of our pupils’ favourites without a doubt. Our Early Years and Primary pupils put on their most original costumes for this eagerly awaited occasion and proudly show them off as soon as they arrive at the school gates.

Every year the costumes are more original and elaborated, what imagination our students have! And we can’t forget you, the families, who we know are a key element in the creation of the costumes, our congratulations! You make it more and more difficult for us to choose the winners of the different categories: the most original costume, the most elaborate costume, the funniest costume and the TOP costume. 

All our primary school teachers also dressed up…. as Madrid metro stops! The costumes were so original that even the Madrid metro itself echoed them and congratulated us on their instagram. Congratulations to our teachers for being so creative!

As well as giving out the long awaited prizes, our students were able to play games for the House Competition. You already know that this is a day that all Primary students love and that promotes coexistence and teamwork throughout the whole stage. The winning house of this last day was “The red house” Congratulations, champions!