The importance of table manners

At school we teach all our pupils a lot of subjects and we also teach them languages. But the school is not only there to teach students the so-called “hard skills”, which is basically the subject matter that any student – no matter what school – should know. But we as a school go further and try to ensure that in addition to each of our students taking home a rucksack full of hard skills, we also try to ensure that they also take home soft skills. In other words, those skills that build on pure knowledge and that make each profile much more complete: knowing how to speak in public, make presentations, know how to lead or work in a group…

But there is something basic that is often overlooked, and that is knowing how to behave at the table. Although it is something essential that one must carry intrinsically in one’s daily life – regardless of whether one eats at home or out or with whom – it is true that knowing how to eat correctly and how to behave is essential, for example, in your future at a “working lunch”. 

How to take each piece of cutlery or where to position oneself, how to sit, how to eat… and above all, what not to do. 

Today it was the turn of the 5th Primary class to learn “table manners”. They made a reminder of the basic rules and wrote them down on their iPad so as not to forget them. Once they had remembered the rules, they carried out a dynamic in the dining room to put them into practice and remember how to set a table correctly.

The classes, every fortnight, will focus on a specific rule.  Actions and initiatives will be taken and will be followed up in order to carry them out and internalise them correctly.

All the pupils were delighted to reinforce the knowledge they had already acquired at home and to put their knowledge into practice.