The importance of healthy eating

Our Infant School pupils had a very special visit: our colleague Valle and the school nurse, Isabel. Valle has gone to ask them for advice and a bit of guidance because she has been feeling a bit sick lately. Both Isabel and the students asked her what she had eaten and of course we all saw the problem.

It turns out that Valle has been eating all kinds of sweets for several days: sweets, buns, sweets… and of course, she has got a stomachache, as well as not resting well… so she arrives at school very tired.

Thank goodness we have our Infant School students and Isabel! They have warned her that eating so many sweets is not good and that you only have to eat them as something exceptional. To help her feel better, they have recommended a healthier diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables. Apples, pears, green beans, lettuce, tomatoes… a thousand choices have been recommended!

Valle was very happy to have found a solution to her problem and the kids are going to work in class on the importance of a balanced and healthy diet, to become even more expert on the subject.

Valle is looking forward to hearing about everything they have learned in class!