Introducing the Ecoschool Program

On March 9th, our first ECOSCHOOL assembly took place. This meeting served to get to know each other, since the subcommittee of students and teachers had not yet met with the subcommittee of “adults” representing families, non-teaching staff, maintenance, dining room staff, marketing and management team. In addition, the teachers and children reviewed the work they had been doing that month for the rest of the group. For their part, the families expressed their desire to participate by setting goals in which they could play an active role.

From now on we have 3 years ahead of us to carry out a process of environmental improvement. Each year we will focus on one of these three blocks: waste (first year), water (second year), energy (third year).


This first year will be dedicated to waste management. To find out where we are starting from, we have carried out an audit. This has allowed us to identify areas for improvement and to design an action plan drawn up by the students, which, thanks to the representatives of the families and other members of the adult subcommittee, will be extended to the entire educational community.

Here you have the vídeo presentation made by th student of the first year of ESO, Andrea R., member of the committee and an explanatory document for those who want to know more about the ECOESCUELAS project.