Our Summer Camp is back in style

Believe it or not, we have already finished our first week of camp!

Time flies by and we are sure that this is due to all the activities we have done during these days.

Our youngest students, IA MINI CAMP, have not stopped. We have been very positively surprised by how well they have adapted to everything we have proposed. 

They have had time for everything: crafts, cooking workshop, sports activities and undoubtedly, what has triumphed the most has been the AQUATIC GAMES. They had a great time! 

At IA CAMP, the older children at our camp have had no time to rest as they enjoyed everything we have organized for them! Every day they have the opportunity to rotate through four different activities:

  • Sports: They played different sports such as paddle tennis, soccer, basketball, badminton and field hockey. They have also played sports games to release as much energy as possible.
  • Ecological activities: They have learned how to take care and maintain the school green garden, they joined different ecological workshops and  enjoyed a cooking workshop too.
  • Arts: They have brought out the great artist in them to develop their creativity as much as possible in different workshops. Today they finished the day with a yoga session!
  • AQUATIC GAMES: At the end of each day, they  had a great time with different water games prepared by their teachers.

This is just the beginning, we are looking forward to seeing you next week!