lnternacional Aravaca, one of the 30 most innovative schools in Spain

Since we opened the school in 2008 we have always tried to be at the forefront of educational innovation. And by innovation, we don’t just mean programming, iPads and robots. It is much more than that. We have always sought new and better learning methodologies. Always focusing on the benefit that this would bring to each of our students and their learning.

This is how we incorporate active methodologies in our daily work, teaching soft skills from a very young age or the methodology of the IB Programme. It is also the reason why in 2012 we inaugurated the iPad project which allows our students to carry out more transdisciplinary projects. The result of all this? An improvement and evolution in our students’ learning: their analytical and critical capacity, their oral and communication skills, leadership… and, of course, their technological knowledge. 

That is why during this academic year several media have echoed the educational innovation in our school. Have you not yet read the article about our school in the magazine Sapos y Princesas? Read it here. 

In addition, we have recently been given an award that we are very proud of, because it is proof of all the effort we have made in educational innovation during all these years and of what we have told about these lines: the newspaper El Español has included us in its list of “The 30 most innovative schools in Spain”. 

This encourages us even more to continue working from the school to remain at the forefront of educational innovation, always with a focus on the benefit of our students and their amazing learning.