I4: Professions as part of our IB unit

We’re thrilled to share the amazing journey our I4 class has undertaken during this month, delving into the intriguing world of professions as part of our IB unit.

Police Officers Visit: Unveiling the World of Law Enforcement

Our students had a remarkable experience as they welcomed local police officers to our school. Becoming inquirers and thinkers, the children had the opportunity to explore the intricacies of a police officer’s role. Armed with their IB profiles, they learned about the tools they use and even had an exclusive look inside a real police car! It was a hands-on adventure that sparked curiosity and ignited a passion for learning about the vital work our community heroes do.

Field Trip to MercaMadrid Fish Market: A Feast for the Senses

Embarking on an educational excursion, our class visited the vibrant MercaMadrid fish market. Here, the children were immersed in the bustling atmosphere, discovering the fascinating world of fishmongers. From observing different fish varieties to touching and even tasting the catch of the day, our students engaged their senses to truly understand the characteristics of a fishmonger’s profession. The experience left our kids thrilled and excited, fostering a deep appreciation for the diversity of jobs within our community.

As we continue our journey through the IB unit on Professions, we look forward to more enriching experiences that inspire a lifelong love for learning. Thank you for your ongoing support in making these educational adventures possible.

Ms. Morgan