“GLUP”, sensorial activity with Zumo Animaciones

It’s no news that at school we love sensory activities for our early years students. They have a multitude of developmental benefits for them and what’s more, they have a great time! They love it and we love it even more when we see how much fun they have.

This month we had a sensorial activity called ‘Glup’ by the company ‘Zumo Animaciones’ put on a play for the children in I2 and I3. The play was about a young child who took an adventure into the deep sea. Once he arrived there, he encountered many different animals and made new friends. The play uses UV lights, songs and music in order to spark the children’s senses. The objectives of this activity was to stimulate, get the children to explore and experiment and also create awareness of the environment.

We invite you to watch a short video showing how much fun they had.