At I4 we prepare a super healthy breakfast full of energy

During the month of November and as part of the Internacional Aravaca Health Program, I4 students  learnt to eat breakfast in a healthy and playful way, handling food and then tasting the three basic ingredients of a healthy breakfast: milk, cereal and fruit.

They have elaborated and decorated in a very creative way their healthy and fun breakfast. The activity consisted of creating skewers of different types of fruit and accompanying them with natural yogurt. With this, they learnt that breakfast can be delicious and at the same time very healthy, that there is a great variety of fruit at our disposal and that we can make many combinations so that our breakfasts, besides being delicious and healthy, are also varied and different.

They had a great time sharing their creations with their classmates, as well as following the instructions of Ana, the nurse at Internacional Aravaca. Ana explained to them how important it is to maintain healthy habits in our daily lives, as well as the importance of giving our body enough nutrients to face the day with lots of energy and thus be able to do all the fun activities at school.