The school joins forces to help Idea Libre

As every year, the school puts all its resources to raise funds that will go to Idea Libre, a foundation that resides in Chumvi, Kenya, with the idea of creating a school for the children of the area.

Internacional Aravaca sponsors the “yellow” class, where thanks to us and the contributions of all the families of the school, they can feed all their members. With our help, they can eat fruit, fish and meat every week… which they used to eat only a few times a month. We have to take into account that many children, when they come back from school, have nothing to eat at home, so thanks to us and Idea Libre they have a guaranteed meal at school.

To encourage the children to support this cause, we had a connection with Chumvi and Idea Libre. During this, our students were able to talk to the students of Chumvi, ask questions and create bonds with them. In addition, its founders have told them about the novelties that they have in the school this year and have shown them a very different reality from the one we live here in Spain.

As soon as the connections were over, we started handing out the famous Christmas hampers. All the proceeds from these ballots will go to Idea Libre, to continue to ensure the education and feeding of “our yellow class”. And… with those ballots, you will be entered in the draw for our Christmas hampers! This year we are collecting a lot of things for the hampers, also, thanks to our families. And day by day, they are getting fuller. They are already at the entrance of the school, waiting for the 22nd of December to be raffled. Who will be the lucky ones this year?

In any case, the lucky ones are all of us, the IA family, for being able to collaborate together in such a beautiful project as Idea Libre and our yellow class.