First Aid Course for Families, by Samur-Protección Civil

On Friday October 27th, we had the first Family School of the schoool year: First Aid given by the Samur-Protección Civil.

Our students, within the Health Education Program, receive training in first aid in alternate courses during their school years. We believe that it is also important in their education to know this type of knowledge and to be aware of these skills from an early age.

Therefore, from the school, we also think it is important that our families, as the first link in the chain of life, receive this training so that they can face emergency situations.

The objectives of this workshop are:

  • To learn how to detect when someone requires urgent health care.
  • To know when it is necessary to alert SAMUR-Protección Civil and what information to provide.
  • To know the basic techniques and their application to situations in which a person’s life may be in danger.

It was a very productive course that was enjoyed by all attendees. One of the mothers who participated shares the following experience:

“I attended the Basic PR course offered by Samur-Proteccion Civil at the school. It was a super practical and very useful course to know how to act in every moment in a rescue situation. First of all, to know firsthand how they act from 112 in each situation, the time it takes …. To then know what to do in the different situations that we can find. Knowing how to do CPR, use defibrillators, airway obstruction… A great course, really, everyone should attend something like this once.”

Ana B.,
Nurse of Internacional Aravaca