Learning in an amazing and fun way!

Our school is known for innovation in many areas. Not only innovation in technology, but also in education. We are aware that evolution is not only in the form of iPads, smart TVs in the classrooms, online classes, etc… but also in the way we teach and make students learn in a fun way the […]

Run, they’re flying!

One of the great things the school is known for is the variety of extra-curricular classes we offer. As you know, our pupils can sign up for a wide range of sporting and artistic activities – there’s something for everyone! Well, many of you have been asking us about this and as we announced on […]

The coaching course has begun!

Last February Rosario Pedrosa’s course “Transfórmate en tiempos de Pandemia”  began. As its name suggests, it is a coaching course with the clear objective of supporting our families in this time of uncertainty. We are all aware that the current situation is temporary – we all hope so – but when the pandemic started a […]

The Career Guidance Month

There is a key moment in secondary school when our students realise that things are getting serious and that they will soon have to start making decisions about their future. We have students who have always known their vocation and who are very clear about what they want to study, but there are others who […]

As we had already told you before Christmas, the school is organising a series of programmes to help and support all our families to make this year a little less complicated. One of the initiatives with which we want to start this year is the Coaching programme that we have organised  with Rosario Pedrosa, a […]

Webinar aboutCyber-Addiction Prevention

New technologies and devices have greatly improved our quality of life and the way we see the world. They have opened up a million possibilities and alternatives that did not even exist a few years ago, they have made our lives easier and have even become essential tools in our students’ learning. However, like everything […]

Math Challenge and the passion for numbers and learning

Belonging to International Schools Partnership has many advantages and above all it gives our students the opportunity to participate in all the international programmes that ISP organises. At the beginning of the school year we told you that the Virtual Buddy Exchange Programme was starting, where four students from the school would be selected to […]

What really matters

As a school, we have a very important job to do with each of our students. From the moment they enter the doors of our centre, our aim is that they leave every day with a backpack well packed with many new things they have learned. Mathematics, language, English, biology… The practice and knowledge of […]