ISP Chess Masters: we qualified for the Semifinals

On November 13th took place the long awaited chess tournament “ISP Chess Masters”.

Unlike other years, this time the students had to practice and do several exercises to prove their level and be able to participate in the team. All of them did very well and passed those minimum tests and even more!!!

Our two teams, Senior, formed by high school students, and Junior, with students from all elementary school, participated with great enthusiasm and faced in this first phase of regionals to the rest of ISP schools nationwide.

7 rounds of Swiss system where all our students have played giving everything and, above all, having fun to the maximum. After several days of waiting we received the results, and they were excellent! Both the Senior team, as well as the Junior players, have finished in the first places and have qualified for the semifinals!!!

Our next step will be to face the winning teams from other regions (Southeast Asia, South America, USA, Europe Middle East). In the meantime, we will practice and train to do our best.