Workshop on Academic Integrity for Secondary Students

Our school library has started the training of the students on Academic Integrity and the need to cite the sources and write correctly the bibliography that accompanies our students’ works and research.

They have understood that every work has an Intellectual Property that must be acknowledged, and it is very easy to follow a format (in our case we use the Harvard citation model), depending on the type of document that they have handled in their research, from books, monographs, articles of magazines, congresses, theses, to magazines and digital documents. The next workshop will be practical, so that all their doubts may be answered and they enjoy sharing them with their peers.

After the first theory lesson, we continued the academic integrity workshop, focusing this time on sources from the internet. From a video posted on YouTube to an academic paper published in a digital journal, the format will differ if it is an electronic document. Students had varied examples of correct citation formats for different types of digital documents and will be able to apply the learned citation skills in their future academic work.

Paz Martín