Visit to the University of Psychology of the UCM

The students of 4thESO, 1st and 2nd of baccalaureate had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the Faculty of Psychology of the Complutense University of Madrid. There, they attended various workshops related to the field of psychology.

Specifically, they were able to learn firsthand how psychologists work in different fields: from a sample of an intervention against psychological abuse to a visit to an animal experimentation laboratory where they were able to observe the behavior of mice in different tests and analyze the brains of different mammals.

We believe it is crucial for students to explore this field, as it provides them with a fundamental understanding of the human mind and behavior. This knowledge not only promotes personal development, but also fosters critical thinking skills and empathy. Visiting the UCM College of Psychology has provided our students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a specialized academic environment, interact with professionals in the field, and experience first-hand the practical applications of psychology. We hope this direct contact has inspired vocations!

Rafael R.