Kids graduate in 5 years

On Friday, 27th May, we celebrated with great excitement the graduation of 5 years. It was a moment of special excitement for everyone. It is wonderful to see how the families “drool” to see their children and contemplate, in the act of graduation at the end of the course, that they pass stages, that they […]

We travel into space in our Sensory Room

The Early years pupils were able to enjoy an installation in the sensory classroom whose theme was “The planets”. For this, we used different materials such as confetti, fluorescent sticks, paper of different textures… all of this with the motivation of black light which makes it much more attractive for them. The aim of these […]

ECOSCHOOL: waste management in action

During the month of April, we have continued working on the ECOSCHOOL plan. An itinerary full of activities, focused on raising awareness among pupils, the educational community and families about caring for the environment. We celebrated Mother Earth Day, in a very full day where the main objective was to highlight the value of caring […]

I2 enjoys Sensory Theater

Our I2 students enjoyed this month of sensory theater. Our sensory classroom became a stage full of lights, colors and illusion. With the help of Zumo Producciones, they enjoyed the story of Nico, a friend who told them when his birthday was and how he got there. They went through moments full of emotions through […]

Introducing the Ecoschool Program

On March 9th, our first ECOSCHOOL assembly took place. This meeting served to get to know each other, since the subcommittee of students and teachers had not yet met with the subcommittee of “adults” representing families, non-teaching staff, maintenance, dining room staff, marketing and management team. In addition, the teachers and children reviewed the work […]

IA Family lunch, we invite you to have lunch at school!

As we have already announced, certain changes are being made to the canteen service. On one hand, the lunch menus are being improved so that vegetables, legumes and proteins are more present and carbohydrates are being reduced. Organic food is also being introduced into the menu. As for the children’s snacks, processed foods have been […]

We learn Bollywood dance as part of our enquiry into Indian culture!

I4 lines of inquiry were ‘Characteristics of different cultures’ and ‘Celebrations of festivities in various cultures “. What better way to learn about a different culture than to dance their traditional dances. As we were learning about Indian culture, we had the opportunity to have a Bollywood dance class in a dance studio. When we […]

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