A very safe return to school

After many months of uncertainty and waiting, today the Colegio Laude Internacional Aravaca has opened its doors to welcome the new 2020-2021 academic year. A course that begins with a great challenge: covid-19.  For this reason, we have been working for weeks on a protocol that includes several hygiene and prevention measures so this long-awaited […]

Lectoescritura a Distancia

Uno de los principales retos que estamos teniendo en los grupos de 4 años durante estos últimos meses de curso, está siendo continuar con el aprendizaje de la lectoescritura en español a distancia. Para comenzar a despegar con la lectura, este nuevo reto lo estamos superando gracias al interés de nuestros alumnos por el amor [...]

Growing Plants

This week, in I4 we have looked at plants. How they grow, the main parts of a plant and what they need to survive and grow healthy. We have also planted some chick peas to see them growing into plants. Miss Aroa Pre-School Teacher

Our Year 4 Teachers

"Y a partir de mañana, tenéis que dar clase desde casa". Así es como comenzó nuestro nuevo reto como maestras de Educación Infantil. Un nuevo desafío que estamos intentando superar entre todos. Porque hoy más que nunca, el trabajo en equipo no es una opción, es una realidad que necesitamos llevar a cabo para que [...]

Primera Unidad de Indagación (PYP)

El pasado 30 de septiembre, los alumnos del PEP (PYP), Programa de Infantil y Primaria del Bachillerato Internacional (IB), comenzaron su primera Unidad de Indagación. Desde los temas transdisciplinarios de “quiénes somos”, “cómo nos organizamos”, “dónde nos encontramos en el tiempo y en el espacio”, entre otros, los alumnos se sumergieron en indagaciones sobre los […]

Halloween Fair 2019

The most terrifying day of the year has arrived, and as usual, all students from Pre-school 2 to 6th of Primary have come to school wearing their favorite and frightening Halloween costumes! Pre-school kids have enjoyed all kind of Halloween games in the gym. Regarding Primary, they have participated at a wonderful gymkhana which has […]

World Book Day

On April 23rd, we celebrated World Book Day, which has been dedicated to our outstanding poet and playwright Federico García Lorca. Over the whole week, both preschoolers and primary students had the opportunity to share creative activities. From year 1 to year 6, children could show their inventiveness in our Rhyme literary contest, and year […]

My 5 Senses

On Friday, March 8th, the children of I3 along with their families set up an amazing activity filled with delicious dishes and great company. As part of this second term project ‘’My 5 Senses’’ we thought of a great way to close this inquiry unit. Each family brought a typical plate from their country or […]

Phonics Dictations

Children from I5 are practicing Phonics Dictations using Cooperative teamwork structure. This way we learn not only how to spell some basic CVC words properly using Phonics letter sounds but also how to cooperate, respect each other as well as developing self sufficient skills. Our experience shows Cooperative learning helps to produce higher achievement, higher […]

Lights & shadows

The last 6 weeks, children of the classes 4A and B have been working on a project dedicated to the 4 natural elements, particularly to the “light” as an element that surrounds us in every moment. We approached the exploration of the light taking into consideration various aspects of the element itself. First of all, [...]