Christmas has arrived at Internacional Aravaca

Christmas has arrived at Internacioanl Aravaca and, with it, all the festivities, decorations and songs. And our traditional Christmas festival was not going to be any less. The traditional Christmas festival was held at Internacional Aravaca in different formats. I2 and I3 have been able to do it in person with the corresponding restrictions and […]

En I4 celebramos el Día de las Profesiones

En I4, en el marco de nuestra unidad IB sobre las Profesiones, dentro de la línea de indagación “Las distintas profesiones que encontramos en nuestra comunidad”, hemos celebrado el Día de las profesiones. Los/as alumnas tenían que elegir el disfraz que representara su profesión favorita y explicar a los/as compañeros/as por qué habían elegido ese […]

Benefits of healthy habits

This month our I5 students have had lots of activities. They are working on their IB unit of enquiry “Health determines the well-being of human beings“. Therefore, in the third line of enquiry “Benefits of healthy habits“, we wanted to transmit the importance of having a good hygiene and that this becomes a habit for […]

Welcome to Agora!

You already know that the Agora classroom has been renovated this year. This classroom is one of the favourites of our youngest pupils and for this reason, we wanted to improve it even more so that they can enjoy it even more. In addition, these improvements have also been made in order to continue accompanying […]

The swimming pool is one of our favourite activities!

One of the activities that we include in the curriculum for our pupils in early years and the first two years of primary school is the swimming pool every week. This activity is very important for them as it improves their psychomotor development, and benefits their body scheme and muscle tone, which are very important […]

New sensory room at Early Years

One of the great novelties of this academic year is the Sensory Classroom for Infants. This classroom offers us a large number of resources to work on the sensory systems, carrying out activities that promote neurodevelopment and good integration. In this classroom, our pupils will work on touch, the auditory and visual senses. During this […]