Our parents visit us… under the sea

Our youngest pupils, in Year 2, have had a very special visit to the school during the month of June.  It is an activity that is usually done every year and it is about the parents of the youngest children coming to school to do some crafts with them. There were a lot of materials […]

All united for SCU!

Street Child United, as the name suggests, is an organisation that helps street children around the world with a clear objective, to help them achieve their goals through sport. ISP asked all the schools in the group to raise our voices and make the stories of these children known, not only within the school but […]

¡Viva la Madre Tierra!

On 22 April, International Mother Earth Day was celebrated and the school mobilised to give visibility to this important day. And not only the school, but also all the schools of ISP under the hashtag #ISPFutures  were doing a variety of activities that favored the care of the environment and also gave visibility to the […]

lnternacional Aravaca, one of the 30 most innovative schools in Spain

Since we opened the school in 2008 we have always tried to be at the forefront of educational innovation. And by innovation, we don’t just mean programming, iPads and robots. It is much more than that. We have always sought new and better learning methodologies. Always focusing on the benefit that this would bring to […]

Long live reading and book day

23 April was Book Day.  And as we like to do everything in a big way at school, instead of celebrating it only on that day, we did it all week long. Early years and Primary had a great variety of activities, all of them prepared with great enthusiasm. And this occasion is well worth […]

IA Summer Camp 2021 is here!!

Many of you were calling us to ask if we had already opened the places for the Summer Camp 2021. After the success of the last editions, we couldn’t let you down, so yes, you can now book your place, but don’t miss out as places are limited! This year we will have four different camps […]

The importance of table manners

At school we teach all our pupils a lot of subjects and we also teach them languages. But the school is not only there to teach students the so-called “hard skills”, which is basically the subject matter that any student – no matter what school – should know. But we as a school go further […]