París-Berlín CONEKTIA is back!

The 3rd and 4th ESO pupils have participated in the annual Paris-Berlin Conekt-IA event, an event where they can put into practice their knowledge of French and German respectively.  For Internacional Aravaca it is very important not only to work on multilingualism and give our students language skills, but also to give them a multicultural, open and international mind.

The 3rd grade students have orally presented historical characters from German and French culture. We had the pleasure to see Sissi Empress, Beethoven or Louis XIV and Marie-Antoinette. This experience has been an opportunity to delve deeper into European history and to learn more about European culture. They have done a great job getting into each of the roles.

For their part, the 4th ESO students took part in a Pasapalabra in German and French. The purpose of the activity was to expand the vocabulary acquired and also to learn to read quickly the definitions of different topics, for example, animals, clothes, food, among others. The pupils more than achieved the objectives and we enjoyed an exciting quiz where everyone was a winner. Congratulations!