Long live reading and book day

23 April was Book Day.  And as we like to do everything in a big way at school, instead of celebrating it only on that day, we did it all week long.

Early years and Primary had a great variety of activities, all of them prepared with great enthusiasm. And this occasion is well worth it, because reading has the power to make you travel wherever you want and however you want. Thanks to reading we can live incredible stories that we never thought we could live or very realistic stories with which we feel identified.

That is why we try to instil in our students this love of books, so that they can travel anywhere – and even more so at a time when we are very limited in terms of mobility – and grow as people. 

Our teacher Carolina was in charge of organising all the activities to make the week a success with the support of all the teachers from both stages who made sure it was a success.

  • In Early Years we had a storyteller who told the children a story that emphasised the importance of water. In addition, the pupils at this stage were able to enjoy plays created by their classmates in Primary 6. They also made crafts based on stories. In Year 5, for example, they all told a story together – with the parents involved – and the story was passed from one to another and gradually took shape with drawings made by the children. Don’t miss the following video!


  • In Primary there was a bit of everything, nothing was missing! As we were saying, the 6th grade students created a play for their younger classmates, they put a lot of enthusiasm but above all, a lot of love to this activity. If you want to see it, check out our instagram! In Year 4 they created a story specifically for their Infant classmates, personalised and everything, and they gave it to them as a present. You should have seen the excitement on the little ones’ faces, a story in which they were the main characters!

  • Nor can we forget the activities they did on this day in French and German. They were telling great stories in this language, with costumes included!

And, of course, we celebrated our own IA book fair. In the sports centre on the 23rd there was a big fair with a great variety of books in English, the little ones came and chose their favourite book. Thank you Susana Gaitán for organising such a cool fair!

What did you like the most about our particular book week?